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To act against sagging skin, we must first understand the processes that cause skin to age. Poor circulation and lymph drainage result in a loss of structural integrity, weakened fragile capillaries, decreased skin density, decline in collagen production causing the dermal structures to deteriorate and the skin to sag. With the decline in enzymatic activity, cell division slows down and solar keratosis and environmental impact become evident. Ageing is the result of a decline in skin functionality.

Solution: We address fine lines and wrinkles by removing old tissue and working to strengthening the dermal structures and systems which need to work in synergy in order to create healthy skin.

Products: milk cleanser, direct delivery vitamin c serum, beta gel, seba-e, herb & mineral mist, nite firming crème, hydrophilic crème, aminodine spritz, fine line crème, transdermal sunblock, retosin or revise-A, foamy lift and exoderma peel, DMK efa+saggyskin

Treatments: Enzyme Therapy, Pro Peel, Liquid Laser, Hydradermaze, Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel, RP (Remodelling Procedures), Muscle banding, A- Lift (Aesthetic Lift)

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