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Initial Consultation/Treatment

This is an introduction to starting your journey for better skin health .  After a diagnostic skin assessment followed by a Detox Mini Facial,  A complete at-home skin care regime is prescribe to address your skin’s needs and to prepare the skin for any advanced skin corrective treatments. 

Treatment consists of a thorough deep pore cleanse, ozone steam or hot towels, extractions, purifying mask, finishing with a vitamin cream, SPF

PLEASE NOTE:  This consulation is compulsory, as we are unable to accommodate further advanced treatments without this appointment.

 A pre-paid non-refundable deposit payment is required to secure your appointment

Timeframe:  45mins  $99

SWiTCH,  Rejuvenation System

Circadia’s signature treatment, is a unique alternative to chemical peels that takes advantage of the skin’s natural repair mechanism helping induce repair with minimal epidermal damage.   Unlike most acid based treatments, the SWiTCH System is a leave-on system.  This treatment imparts an immediate boost to the look and feel of ageing skin.  Treatments can be repeated at regular intervals every 28 days.

Skin type indications:

  • Aging, Mature

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Clients over the age of 37.


  • Activates the body’s natural repair and renewal system

  • Initiates increased cell-to-cell communication

  • Promotes healing and immune defense

  • Supports increased energy production in dermal and epidermal cells

  • Brightens skin and reduces pigmentation

  • Safe and gentle

  • Little downtime following treatment

Minimum 3-6 treatment commitment to yield results.



  • Allergy to aspirin or salicylic.

  • Allergy to citric acid of any kind: oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc.

  • Pregnant or trying to become pregnant

  • Use of Accutane within one year Use of antibiotics (topical or systemic) 

  • Laser surgery within the last 12 weeks

  • Using glycolic acid, Retin A, or Renova in the last 2 weeks

Timeframe:  50mins   $260  (includes post peel care)

Oxygen Facial

What does an Oxygen Facial do for your skin?

  1. Breaks protein Bonds and stimulates Cell Turnover

  2. Lightens and Brightens the Skin

  3. Reduces the appearance of Rosacea and Telangiectasia

  4. Increases Nutrient Transport to the skin

A controlled amount of oxygen is generated at optimal levels on the skin to provide maximum benefits and  help to replace the ruddy-look associated with acne, rosacea and telangiectasia, with brighter skin. 

The Circadia Oxygen Rx Facial is perfect for acne management thanks to its germicidal action. This oxygen treatment kills acne bacteria (P. acnes), reducing redness and inflammation. This treatment is extremely nourishing and beneficial for all skin types. 

This fantastic treatment packs a punch with powerful ingredients, including magnesium peroxide powder, catalase, sodium bicarbonate, and citric acid. Together, they wage war on acne, sun damage, and the flush look that has been the bane of your existence. But fear not; gentle exfoliation and nutrient transport comes to the rescue!



  • Germicidal action to the skin against acne and rosacea

  • A skin-lightening agent and sun damage reduction

  • Increases skin function, nutrient transport, and repair to make skin look better

  • Decreases erythema/redness

  • Vaso-constricting of capillaries

  • Stimulates fibroblasts which create collagen in the skin

  • Increases new blood vessel formation

  • Supply of Oxygen that neutralizes free radicals


  • Allergy to citric acid of any kind: oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc.

Timeframe:  30mins    $175

Add On’s          

Enzyme exfoliation    15mins      $50

Custom mask             10mins       $20

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