Our facials are both relaxing and therapeutic, targeting problem areas whilst focusing on problem issues. We tailor our treatments to get the best results for you. Regain that healthy glowing skin with one of our many rejuvenating skin treatments.

Express Clean

Double cleanse, mild epidermal peel & mask

Allow  30mins  $79

Teenagers (under 16)

Cleanse, exfoliation & mask

Allow 20mins    $65

Detox Mini Facial

Cleanse, steam, Ultrasonic cleansing, extraction & mask

Allow  45mins    $89

Customised Facial

Rejuvenate your skin with a personalized facial.  Begin with a double cleanse,

micro peel, extractions, face massage and mask

Allow  60mins   $160

Customised Facial + Add-ons


Ultrasonic Cleanser

This hand held devise exfoliates breaking up dead skin cells, opens the pores to ease extraction of blackheads and congestion leaving the skin ultra clean and hydrated

Add  $20


a technique of introducing ionic medicinal compounds into the body through the skin by applying a local electric current.

Add  $20

Bioptron Light therapy

The BLTS is a medical device technology based on a unique light therapy concept. It can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions

BIOPTRON Light has also strongly synergetic effect when used in combination with anti-aging treatments & cosmetics for healthy looking skin.

Add on   $30

This specialized electro technology breaks through the resistant barriers in the skin  transportsing  active ingredients to unlocked cells. Add on $25.

Dermafield Electro Magnetic Wave Therapy

Electro Magnetic Waves are a life source within the body and essential for good health. Many things compromise and unbalance the body’s natural energy field, called cellular ‘De-polarisation’. The dermafield helps to rebalance your system so healing can take place and prevent further cell death.

Add  on  $30