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Needle-free, completely painless treatment

Meso Infusion is a system designed to provide beauty treatments by using cosmetics, it is based on electro-aesthetic techniques such as:

  • Activating current: mesoinfusion

  • Hydro-electrophoresis: – facilitates the penetration of the Mesoconcentrates

  •  Cryotherapy: Technique that favours vaso-constriction and decongestion of the tissue so that the active ingredients maintain their activity for longer.


Electroporation is a technique that increases the permeability and the cellular absorption of the mesoconcentrates, the latter also referred to as Mesotherapy or “Virtual Needle”.


Benefits of the Treatment:

  • Maximises cell penetration capacity and effectiveness of the active ingredients applied.

  • Activates collagen synthesis

  • Fills wrinkles caused by expression or lack of density .

  • Firms and tones skin tissue.

  • Improves skins firmness.

  • Promotes skin rehydration.

  • Brightens, evens out skin tone and lightens blemishes.

Operating through the Mesotherapy machine, this system facilitates targeted access to various skin layers.  This approach maximises the potential for cellular absorption and enhances the efficacy of the active ingredients employed.

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